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The mission of Air-Dynamic


Security, comfort and privacy together with a high level of service are values ​​that have ensured and consolidated the success of Air-Dynamic.

However, Air-Dynamic firmly believes that luxury and better services do not always justify a higher price. With the expertise that characterizes us, and the right choices, we know how to optimize costs by providing the highest standards of service.

We will advise you which plane will be best, based on all your transfer needs, taking into consideration the number of travellers, the composition of travelers (men, women and children) and the duration of the transfer.

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One of our core skills is learning very quickly what your preferences, needs and habits are and making sure this is reflected in every transfer.

The benefit of being a small, but dedicated and passionate team, is that you gain the expertise, understanding and ability to offer a tailor-made solution for every trip.


Our logistics background has clearly influenced the way we do business. Each transfer will be coordinated from the moment the passenger leaves the office or his home until the moment he reaches the hotel room.

No empty spaces, no gray areas.

Our experience and network of contacts guarantee competitive rates, contingency plans and organization of all logistics.

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leader in private jet and helicopter flights
safety and security

Only the most reliable and safe operators in the world are selected for you. You can be assured that at least the following have been verified: confirmation of liability insurance, pilot training, experience, type certifications and ratings, completion of operator pilot background checks.


These are the key words for each service, unique in every detail. We invest a lot of energy, passion and expertise in finding unique solutions for each customer. Our role as an aviation service provider necessarily puts us in contact with major aircraft manufacturers. From this point on you have complete control of your purchase, no middlemen, your aircraft delivered to your specifications.


Air-Dynamic offers you 24/24 service and its staff covers most international spoken languages: English, Russian, French, German, Spanish.

We are happy to communicate in any way you prefer via email, text message, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Signal or any other encrypted means of communication.

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