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The Team Air-Dynamic

<strong>TEAM</strong> air-dynamic

At your service for all your private jet and helicopter flights around the world

Raffaella Meledandri

Raffaella Meledandri is the heart of Air-Dynamic.

Italian father, German mother, Swiss by adoption with a Masters in Political Science, Raffaella is an experienced CEO and luxury travel experience coordinator with work experience in the airline/aviation industry.

Expert in negotiations, operations management, logistics management and aviation, Raffaella works with Air-Dynamic since the first day.

Raffaella has almost a decade of experience in the United Nations world, she has traveled and lived for many years all over the world, including countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Jordan, Kuwait, Africa. She therefore understands the cultures of various countries and over the years has created an incredible global network.

Her motto “Nothing is Impossible”.

Nicholas Evstigneev

Nicholas Evstigneev, Russian parents born in Australia, resident in Switzerland is the head of operations of Air-Dynamic from the beginning.

Nicholas has over 30 years of experience in the aviation industry and business development as well as being an airplane and helicopter pilot.

He has traveled and worked all over the world since he was young, it's hard to name a country he hasn't visited. He has worked with contractors and the United Nations on humanitarian flights and air food deliveries.

He speaks fluent Russian and English.

Dorothea HESS

Dorothea, the German member of the team, began her journey with Air-Dynamic from the beginning. After university studies in Germany and Italy in languages ​​and music sciences and her internship at the United Nations WFP, she started the business development of the company in August 2005. Today she deals with customer relations, flight operations and sales.

She speaks perfect Italian, German, English.


Monia Paternesi, in her private life is the mother of 4 children which is one of the reasons, together with her multiple years of work experience in the General Aviation (Rome Ciampino), which has allowed her to develop communication skills and organizational skills for the management of various situations related to different needs. At work and at home.

Monia takes care of her clients' requests with the utmost professionalism and ensures that every detail from A to Z is taken care of. She speaks Italian, French and English.


Francesca Cairoli is a sales specialist and customer assistant in Lugano.

Her experience in customer service for over 20 years in airlines and cruise lines allows her to quickly grasp customer needs and identify opportunities to recommend products and services that will make their choice even better.

Her talent consists in always keeping up to date with company events where change is a constant, allowing her to react quickly and provide perfect service.

Francesca speaks English, Italian, Spanish and French.

Her favorite aphorism is from Saint Augustine: “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”


Alessandro is a Bachelor student in communication, cultures and society at the University of Italian Switzerland in Lugano and speaks Italian, English and French.

He has been part of the team for years Air-Dynamic, is responsible for defining and implementing the company's communication strategies, regulating relationships with partnerships. He is responsible for the ordinary maintenance of the website and the management of social channels.


Vittorio Macchi takes care of the entire financial and administrative section of the company Air-Dynamic SA and related consultancy.

He is a qualified accountant and has a background as a fiduciary in Switzerland for corporate management in every economic sector.

In addition to his Swiss profession, he also deals with management activities, thanks to his activity as executive editor of Italian magazines.

He speaks Italian, English and German.

His motto is “Looking back to move forward”.


Gian Renato, Italian-Spanish, has been in Aviation for 20 years where he has held various roles in sales, operations and safety.

He has worked with international airlines such as American Airlines, Korean Air, Small Planet Airlines and the Etihad group. He has a degree in Law and also held roles as Nominated Person in various AOCs where he has been able to deal daily with the National Authorities while remaining updated on current regulations.

In Air-Dynamic since 2022, he has been responsible for Compliance & Safety and Business Development.


For many years, guided by his passion, he has dedicated himself to private aviation, carrying out consultancy work for airlines in the sector.

With Air-Dynamic he has activated a collaboration since many years, in order to develop and promote the services offered to customers.


Air Dynamic Lugano makes service its flagship. Nothing is left to chance and the assistance for our customers is maximum. That's why we are confident in publishing what our customers think of us and our service.

based on 14 Reviews
BNice VooDoo
February 11 2024

Though the heli transfer was cancelled…

Though the heli transfer was cancelled due to weather conditions, our personal assistant made all her best to satisfy client's needs. Best service ever!

Birsen Demirgoren
January 25 2024

Excellent service, thank you!!

Excellent service, thank you!!

Davide Orto
January 20 2024

Very high quality

Competent staff, cutting-edge fleets. High quality level carried out with professionalism and passion!

January 18 2024

Exceptional Service by Air Dynamic

As a travel provider, we have entrusted Air Dynamic with our clients' travel needs. Their service has consistently delivered confidence, accessibility, and a genuine sense of care, which is paramount in our line of work. The standout factor in our collaboration with Air Dynamic is the exceptional dedication of their staff, particularly Dorothea. Her commitment to ensuring client satisfaction is evident in her meticulous attention to detail and tireless efforts to meet and exceed expectations. In summary, Air Dynamic's combination of professional service and personal attention makes them an invaluable partner for any travel provider seeking reliability and excellence.

Matteo Casc
January 13 2024

Great experience

Excellent experience, definitely worth repeating. I particularly appreciated that they satisfied all my requests

Jody losito
January 13 2024

Number one

Fantastic experience for a business trip and they were real professionals and super friendly, I will choose them again, I recommend their impeccable service to anyone, thank you for everything.

January 12 2024

High altitude birthday

I had the opportunity to celebrate my birthday on an unforgettable flight. Truly unique experience. Thanks 🙏

Andrea Grisdale
January 8 2024

The Company we can truly Rely On

We have been working with Air Dynamic for many years now and they are our absolute go to and first call before any other company as they always deliver what they promise and we can rely on them 100%. I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Klmailct Klmailct
January 4 2024

Very professional staff which goes…

Very professional staff who goes above and beyond, always having a great experience with them

January 4 2024

Professional company and staff

Professional, flexible company and staff, I recommend it to everyone.

January 4 2024

professional team

One of the best, and most professional company I have ever worked with. We always receive warm hospitality and outstanding customer service. We are especially happy to work with Miss Dorothea Hess, she always make sure that everything in order, you are lucky to have her as an employee.

Ludovico Cianchetta
December 29 2023

Very serious and competent

Very serious and competent, the best in Ticino and Northern Italy

Dominick Cerisano
December 29 2023

My wife and I are professional tour…

My wife and I are professional tour operators serving American executive families for 27 years. We eat sleep drive and fly before we recommend a service to our executive families. I trust Air Dynamic and fly with my family. We are so grateful for the team at Air Dynamic and their top pilot Dominic. He is an exceptional pilot and gentleman We love flying with them and value our professional collaboration. We are happy to give our highest recommendation Dominick Cerisano & Laura Martelli Founders Exclusive Italian Tours

Eduardo Sorvillo
December 28 2023

Professional staff

Professional staff, prepared and efficient.

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