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Air ambulance

Air ambulance

Air-Dynamic in collaboration with the best air ambulance network in the world, it offers rapid medical emergency transfers. It is possible to organize transfers of positive Covid patients from abroad and to Italy, thanks to the use of special equipment (PMIU solid shell Epi-shuttle with the latest version of portable medical isolation).

For the entire duration of the medical flight the patient will be assisted by qualified experts.

Medical transfers by plane guarantee speed and allow you to reach your destination in a short time. We specialize in medical repatriation from all over the world.

Nothing is left to chance during the transfer of a patient. The equipment present and the experience of the doctors and nurses on board the medical team's air ambulance guarantee professionalism and safety for the entire duration of the medical flight.

In the event that a medical flight with an air ambulance is necessary for neonatal transport, pediatric anesthetists or neonatal specialists will guarantee continuous and professional assistance during the transfer.

Air-Dynamic can also take care of road ambulance transportation.

Trust in Air-Dynamic. We take care of every detail in all phases of the healthcare transfer.